The first half of the season of the German championship was quite successful for the team. It managed to get into the Champions League zone, and at the same time it was not too far behind the leaders in the standings.
Bayer managed to win the Bundesliga twice, and it is now the main contender for the title. The main rival of the team is Werder, which is not in the best shape at the moment. The teamโ€™s performance in the Bundesliga was not the best, but it is not the worst in the country.
The teamโ€s performance is not bad at all, but the chances of getting into the top-4 are not very high. The Bundesliga is a very important tournament for the German team, because it is the main chance to get to the Champions Cup.
Leverkusen is the team that is most likely to get in the Champions league zone. It has a good lineup, and the team has a lot of experience. The only problem is the lack of motivation. The players are not in a good mood, and they are not able to achieve their goals.
In the Bundesliga, the team of Thomas Tuchel has a decent chance to win gold medals. The coach of the club has a very good lineup and is able to play with the strongest clubs.
At the moment, the club is not at the best form, and this is the reason why it is unlikely to get a place in the top 4. The chances of the Leverkusens getting into top-3 are rather low, but they are still quite good.
However, the situation in the German Bundesliga is not so good, and there are chances that the team will not be able to get out of the bottom half of standings. The club needs to improve its results, and if it can do this, it will be able not only to get closer to the top of the standings, but also to the playoffs.

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This season, the main rival for the club of Tuchel is Borussia Dortmund. The fans of the Bumblebees are very happy with the results of the coach, and he managed to make the team in the fight for the champion title.
It is very important for the Bremens to get back to the elite of the Bundesliga after a long time. The last time the team won the title was in 2013. The previous season, it was very difficult for the squad to get results. The Bremes have not won the German champion title for a long period of time.
But the team managed to fight for it, and now it is in the middle of the championship. The new season will be very important, because the team needs to show its best game. The current results of Bremse are not good, but this is not a reason to give up.
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Now, the Brugge team is in a very difficult position. It is not able, despite the fact that the coach of Bruges has a really good lineup. The situation in Brugges is not good at all. The squad of Thomas Schaaf is not performing well, and many of its players are injured.
If the team does not improve its situation, it is very likely that it will not get into top 4 of the league.
Main rival of Brougene is Bayern. The Bavarians have a good squad, and their coach is able not to play against the strongest teams. The Bayern team is also not in good shape.
Despite the fact, that Bayern is not very strong, it has a chance to fight with the leaders of the tournament. The results of Bayern are not so great, but if the team can get into a playoff zone, then it will have a chance.
There are a lot chances for the Bavarians to get there, because they have a really strong lineup. It includes:
* Morata;
* Aubameyang;
* Lewandowski;
* Ribery;

* Alaba.
They are able to fight against the leaders, and Bayern can be one of the main contenders for the gold medals in the current season.
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Due to the fact the team plays in the second half of season, many of the players are in a bad mood. This is another reason for Bayern to lose points. The leaders of Bayern, such as Lewandowski and Alaba, are not performing very well, which affects the results.
Aubameyang, Morata and Ribera are not playing well, too. This affects the result of the game. However, the Bayern team still has a small chance to make it to the playoff zone.

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