The summer transfer window has come to an end, and we can now safely say that the Premier League season is in full swing. The summer transfer campaign was a real success, and the results of the first few rounds have shown that the English Premier League is becoming more and more popular among football fans.
The main intrigue of the season is the fight for the champion title. The main contenders for the title are Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. The latter two teams have already won the title, but the gap between them is quite significant.
In the summer, the teams were strengthened by a number of players, who are now ready to help the leaders in the fight against their main rivals.
Rashford is one of the main contenders to win the champion’s title. He is a talented young player, who has already managed to score a number goals. He has already become a key player for Manchester City and is now considered one of their main competitors.
However, the main thing is that he is a young player who is able to improve his game. He can become a real star, who can help the team to win gold medals.

The season is already in full flow, and it will be very interesting to follow the development of events in the Premier league. The English championship is one the most popular in the world, and this fact is reflected in the number of matches played.
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Main contenders for gold medals
The Premier league is one among the most exciting championships in the whole world. The fight for gold is already becoming more intense, and you can follow its progress on our site.
Manchester City is one team that is considered the main contender for the gold medals in the current season. The Citizens have a number players who are able to play in the starting lineup. However, the team still needs to strengthen its defense, and Rashford is a key member of the team.
This summer, Manchester City signed the young defender, who is considered to be one of its main competitors in the English championship. The young player is a powerful player, and he is able not only to defend the position of a defender, but also to score goals.
He is able, for example, to score 5 goals in a season, which is a record in the history of the Premier championship.
His skills have already been recognized by his team-mates, who have already started to use him in the lineup.
City’ goal is to win a place in the Champions League zone. This is their main goal, and they have already managed it. However they are not the only team that can achieve this. The team is also very strong in the EPL, and if they will not be able to win in the domestic arena, then they will be able not to lose in the international arena.
Will the team be able for this?
The answer to this question is very difficult to answer, because the team has a number problems. However it is worth noting that the team is in a good shape, and in the next season it will have a chance to win not only the champion, but to win many other trophies.
If we talk about the main competitors of Manchester City in the championship, then we should also remember the following teams:
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool.
All these teams have a good lineup, and at the same time they have a lot of problems. It is worth mentioning that the main problem of the teams is the lack of motivation.
These teams have been fighting for the championship for a long time, and their fans are tired of the constant struggle. The teams have no time for rest, and there is no chance to relax and enjoy the game.
It is easy to follow all the results on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.
Latest EPL results
The EPL is the most interesting championship in the entire world. It has a lot to offer, and its results are really interesting to fans. The season is entering its final stage, and already the first rounds have already shown that there is a real fight for a place on the podium.
There are two main contenders in the struggle for the top four places in the standings:
1. Manchester City.
2. Liverpool.
Both teams have good players in their lineup, who will be ready to show their maximum in the matches against the main rivals of the championship. However the main difference between the teams concerns the level of motivation of their fans. For the Citizens, this is a chance not to rest, but rather to fight for every trophy.
Liverpool is the main competitor of the Merseysiders in the race for the Champions league zone. The Reds have a large number of stars, who, despite their age, can still show their best game. The players of the club are able not just to score points, but they are also able to create a number.
For Liverpool, it is a great opportunity to win several trophies. However this is not the main goal of the Reds. They want to win every trophy, because this is their goal.

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