The start of the new season of the European Championship has already brought some surprises. The first of them is the fact that the team of the Netherlands, which has won the tournament for the last time, is not the only one that has a new goalkeeper.
The list of the candidates for the starting position of the goalkeeper in the team is long and impressive. The main contenders for the position are:
* Antoine Griezmann;
* Luka Modric;
โ€ข David de Gea;
ยท Kevin Trapp.
Of course, the first three of them have already played for the team, but the last two have not yet had a chance to prove themselves in the international arena.
However, the fact is that the position of goalkeeper is not that simple. The team of England has a good goalkeeper, but he is not a specialist of the position. The same applies to the team from Germany. The goalkeeper of this team is a specialist in the position, but his level is not so high.
In the case of the team that won the European Championships in 2002, the starting goalie is the goalkeeper of the Czech Republic. The position of this player in the starting line-up is very important, because the team has a lot of options for the future.

The position of a goalkeeper is always a matter of great importance, because it determines the level of the game of the entire team.
Will the team be able to win the gold medals?
The team of France has a number of players who are able to take the place of the injured players. Among them, there are:
* Thomas Meunier;
* Lo Celso;
* Lozano.
These players are able not only to provide a good defense, but also to score goals. In addition, the team also has a goalkeeper who can take the position at the beginning of the line-ups of the attacking players.
This is the case with the player of the French national team, who is able to provide the team with a good attack. The French national football team has already won the World Cup and the European championship. Now, it is also the time of the start of Euro 2016.
Do you think that the French team will be able win the tournament?

Will Real Madrid be able not to win a single match?
Real Madrid is the team in the Spanish championship that has already managed to win several matches. The problem is that it is not clear whether the team will manage to win gold medals.
Among the main contenders of the starting positions of the players of the Real Madrid team, there is a good selection of players. The list of candidates for starting positions is long, and the main ones are:

* Sergio Ramos;
The same goes for Marcelo;
Luka Jovic;
Sergio Ramos.
It is clear that the selection of the best players is not an easy task. The selection of a good starting goalkeeper is also a difficult one.
What are the main advantages of the selection?
In addition to the selection, there can be mentioned the fact of the transfer of Zinedine Zidane. The Frenchman has already played in the national team for several years, and he has become a real leader of the national squad.
If the selection is a real advantage, then the transfer is a great opportunity for the club to improve its results.
Who will win the Golden Boot?
This season, the Golden Shoe is a key indicator of the results of the teams. The leaders of the EPL have already managed it. The leading contenders for winning the Golden Pole are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester United.
At the same time, the list of competitors is long. There are clubs from all over the world, who are ready to fight for the title.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. It is a convenient and user-friendly platform, where you will always find the latest information.
Where can fans watch the matches of the leading teams?
Now, it has become much easier to follow the matches. Fans can follow the progress of the matches in live mode, which allows them to be the first to learn about the changes in the field.
There are many ways to follow football matches. One of the most popular options is the live streaming. It allows fans to be always aware of the latest news.
Fans can also follow the livescore section, where they will find the results, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches.
How to follow live football?
There is a lot to learn from the livescores section. Fans have the opportunity to watch the live football matches, which is available to them in live streaming mode.
Live football is a special format of the football game, which means that the game is played in real time. This format allows fans not only the opportunity of following the results in real life, but it also allows them not to miss anything important.
One of the main features of live football is the ability to follow a specific match. This is especially important for fans who are interested in the results. The results of a match are updated in real-time, which makes it possible to follow them in a convenient format.
Many football fans want to follow their favorite teams.

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