The season of the Spanish La Liga has come to an end, and the Champions League is the most important tournament of the season. The final of the tournament will be held on May 13, and it is already clear that the final will be a real show. The decisive match will be between Real Madrid and Barcelona.
The previous season, the Royal Club lost to Barcelona in the final, but this time, the Catalans have a new coach, and they are ready to win the trophy.
Real Madrid is one of the most successful teams in the history of the club, and many people consider it to be one of Europe’s best. The team has won the Champions Cup, the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Super Cup, and more.
However, the team is not the only one that has won in the Champions league. The following teams have also won the trophy:
* Barcelona;
* Juventus;
* Bayern;
* Real Madrid.
Of course, the Madrid team has a good chance to win, but the Catalonians are also capable of winning the trophy, too.

The final of La Liga is always a real treat for fans and the media, because the final is held in the most prestigious stadium of the country. The Royal Club has a stadium that can hold more than 100,000 fans.
In the season, Real Madrid won the champion title, but they lost the Champions trophy to Barcelona. However, the last time the Catalons won the cup was in 2002, when they won it for the third time.
This season, Barcelona has a lot of chances to win it, but Real Madrid has more chances to get the trophy this year. The Catalons have a good lineup, and in the last season, they were able to win a lot.
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What are the main favorites of the final?
Real is the main favorite of the Champions cup final. The club has a long winning streak, and this season, it has already won the title. The main reason for this is the excellent teamwork of the players.
Barcelona is also a favorite of this season. This year, the Catalan team has an excellent lineup, which allows them to win. The previous season was not successful for the Catalonian team, and now, it is considered to be the main contender for the title of the strongest team in the world.
Among the main contenders for the trophy are:
• Real;

•; Barcelona.
Real Madrid is the team that has the best chances to finish in the top four, but it is not a guarantee that it will win the cup.
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How to watch the final of Champions League?
The Champions League Final will be played on May the 13, which is a Sunday. The fans of the Royal club can watch the game live on fscores. The best way to watch it is to use a mobile device.
It is easy to follow the results of the game on fScore website. The site is available in both a desktop and a mobile version.
One of the main goals of Real Madrid in the season was to win gold medals in the tournament. The last time they won the Cup was in the 2002 season, when the team won it once again.
At the final stage, the main goal of the team was to get a ticket to the Champions’ League zone. The Madrid team had a good start, but in the second half of the campaign, the players began to lose points.
Despite this, the club managed to win one more trophy, and its fans are very happy. The Champions League has become a real favorite of football, and Real Madrid can be considered to have a great chance of winning it.
Where to watch live stream of the match between Real and Barcelona?
Barça is the current champion of LaLiga, and for this reason, the fans of this team are very excited. The Catalan team is in good shape, and you can already see it on the field.
As for Real, the coach has a great lineup, but he has to be careful not to lose too many points. The players are very motivated, and that is why they have a chance to finish the season in the first position.
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What to expect from the final in terms of the result?
In general, the final can be called a real disappointment for Real. The coach has not been able to find a solution to the problems of the squad, and he has not managed to get rid of the problems.
Many of the leaders of the Madrid club have already left the team, which has led to the fact that the club is not in the best shape.
Moreover, the recent transfer ban has also affected the team. This ban was imposed by the Spanish football federation, and there is a high probability that the players will not be able to play in the next season.

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