The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus has already become a real sensation. The Portuguese has already managed to become the best player in the world.
However, the club is not the only one interested in the player. The transfer of Pogba to Juventus is a real success for the club. The player has already proved his worth, and the fans are expecting more from him.
It is not about money, because the club has a large budget for the purchase of players. The club has already signed the following players:
* Mario Mandzukic;
* Danilo;
– and many others.
The club has the necessary funds to sign the player, because it spent over 100 million euros on the acquisition of the player from Real Madrid.
This transfer will not be a failure, because Juventus has a good squad, which will allow the club to compete in the domestic arena.

The main goal of the club will be to win the Champions League, and this transfer will help the club achieve this goal.
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Football scores today
The football scores today are very important for fans, because they can be used to follow the latest news and events in real time.
There are a lot of football matches held in different parts of the world every day. This means that the fans can always find out the latest football scores on the website of sports statistics.
In order to follow all the latest events, it is necessary to use a computer with the latest operating system. The website of the sports statistic offers the following services:
1. Live football scores.
2. Detailed analytics.
3. Information about the most interesting matches.
4. The list of the top football players.
5. The schedule of upcoming matches.
This is a great opportunity to follow a lot football matches, as they are held in various parts of Europe, Asia and America.
Latest news on the development in the fight for the title
The fight for gold medals in the Champions’ League is already over. The teams that have already won the tournament will face each other in the next round.
Manchester City and Liverpool will meet in the semifinals. The first match will be held on the 28th of May, and it will be decisive for the gold medals.
Both teams have a good chance of winning the tournament, but it is the match with the Citizens that will be the most important for the fans.
If the Citizens win, it will give them a chance to qualify for the next stage of the tournament. The team has a very good lineup, which can help it to win.
Liverpool is weaker than the Citizens, but the team has the potential to win in the match against it. The Reds have the following advantages over their opponents:
· high-quality lineup;
· strong bench;
• good teamwork.
All these factors will help Liverpool to win this match.
Fans can follow the results of the game on the football scores website. It offers detailed analytics, as it is possible to find out how the game was played, as soon as possible.
Live football scores
The English Premier League is one of the best football leagues in the whole world. It is interesting for fans from all parts of our planet.
Each season, the fight between the best teams in the country is intense. The main favorites of the season are:
• Liverpool;
1 • Manchester City;
2 • Chelsea;
3 • Arsenal;
4 • Tottenham.
These teams are considered the main favorites, and they fight for their place in the top-4 of the EPL.
Every year, the Premier League has a lot more interesting matches, and there are a few that are more important than others. One of the main contenders for the champion title is Manchester City.
Since the beginning of the current season, this team has been quite successful. The Citizens have a great lineup, and many players have already become the leaders of the team.
Many fans are quite satisfied with the performance of the Citizens. However, there are still a lot that they want to see from the team, and these are the following:
● Improvement in the defense;

● Improvement in performance in the attack.
One of the reasons for the team’s success is the excellent work of the coach. Guardiola has managed to improve the defense of the City, and he has also managed to strengthen the attack of the squad.
During the current campaign, the team managed to score a lot. The results of this are the fact that the Citizens have already managed the champion’ title.
Follow the development on the Premier league website
The website of football statistics offers a lot information about the Premier tournament. It contains the results, as the team that is considered the favorite of the championship has already won it.
At the same time, the Citizens are not the first team that has won the title. The following teams have already done it:
Manchester United;

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